LOST LAKE LOOP- black currant, anise, amber, jasmine, raspberry, saffron

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Mount Hood's abundant beauty and wildlife is on full display at Lost Lake.  The high elevation and diverse habitats provide an opportunity to see high elevation birds, old-growth forests and wildflowers while surrounded by buttes and crystal clear waters.  Best Coast Candle Company combined cedarwood, warm amber and the sweet smell of luscious fruit and natural spice to capture the diversity of scents this amazing landmark provides.  Mixed with black currant, anise, amber, jasmine, raspberry and saffron, this fragrance is as unquire and intriguing as the views of Lost Lake Butte.

Oregon Edition- Lost Lake Loop

  • 100% Soy Candle
  • Hand-poured in Oregon
  • Metal container with lid
  • 2oz and 8oz options
  • Black currant, anise, amber, jasmine, raspberry, saffron
  • 2 oz burn time- 9-14 hours. Cotton wick 
  • 8 oz burn time- 45-55 hours. Wooden wick