Redwood Grove Grandeur

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California Edition- Redwood Grove Grandeur

The Redwood national and state parks are home to some of the tallest trees on earth. These trees are symbolic of wellness, longevity, safety, wisdom and communication. These trees can live 1,000 years and they grow in groves for protection from high winds and other natural treats. Though the roots of redwood trees do not grow deep in the earth, they depend on other trees to intertwine their roots and create stability as a community. Redwood tree roots grow outwards and can travel up to 100 feet wide. The redwoods remind us that you can't become the tallest tree on earth alone.

  • 100% Soy Candle
  • Hand-poured in Oregon, small batch
  • Metal container with lid
  • 2 oz and 8 oz
  • Cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, vanillla, patchouli
  • 2oz burn time- approx. 9-13 hours. cotton wick
  • 8oz burn time- approx. 45- 55 hours. wooden wick